Repeat from the EqD, an article has appeared on website Icrontic, unsure of what type of site you would classify this, seems they investigate into all things geeky (hence their slogan that says so).  It explains why we are so into this show, and of course the background details to FiM.  Comes with correct info such as the birthing of the pony community from 4chan’s /co/, and seems to be written by someone lurking among us (claims to have joined the community around December).  Here it is, for your reading pleasure.
  • Anonymous

    "Why grown ass-men love MLP:FiM so much"

    Anyways, I am so completely deprived of this "community" Miller raved about in the second part of his article. Is it because this show has taught me nothing about the magic of friendship or is Miller one of THEM? I don't think so, he didn't use one catchphrase, or spam links to either Ponychan or EqD.

    Maybe I just don't see /co/ as much of a community? I hear fables, recounting the golden age of Pony threads. Was it a lot better back then? I wouldn't know even though I first discovered MLP back in November. My first exposure to 4chan was /b/, which left me wary about jumping into /co/. Still, MLPGs are pretty terrible currently; all the meta, off-topic, porn, and shitposting that goes on half the time.

    So, this has turned into quite an essay. Okay, my point summed up is, "Where the fuck is the community?" and that's pretty much it. If anyone has any insight — or just wants to tell me how much of a Aspergers suffering basement-dweller I am — go on ahead. Really, be my guest.

    – Thomas

  • DerpySquad

    I would assume "community" in context to this article means everyone, be it ponychan, eqd, the synchtubes, the ircs, ponygoons, etc.

    As for /co/, its a community, at least in my book. And yeah us old fags will ramble on about how much better it was when the whole fandom was small, but its namely all the creative people were gathered in one spot. After the whole 4chan mod blow up of February people scattered. And yeah, the lack of new shows has kind of paid a toll on the general threads, though I felt like there was a rebirthing when the Discord episodes came around, then the 3 week hiatus sent it right back.

    Basically gotta find the section of community that suits you, its about having a good time.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm,you make some interesting points Thomas.

    While /co/ might not be as nice or as on topic as most other communities, I also still see it as a community, even though most people on /co/ will probably tell you otherwise. It's just that in /co/, there isn't just ponies. It's a congregation of many people with many different interests that have to coexist with people who hate them for just being there. I believe that these common interests brought people who might have never had a thing in common together before. With that, you get a multitude of people posting lots of things that others may or may not like. There are lots of invisible rules that the people there have to abide by or they could get banned or just make themselves hated even more. I admit, a lot of people on /co/ seem to have a bit of an ego about them being better than other sites because they don't dress up in pony costumes and practice niceness and kindness to everyone around them. But, I don't think they really believe that, I think they just like the freedom that they get when that rare time when they do talk about the show and things involving the different ponies comes in. In a way, I guess they are used to the terrible posts and just role with the punches in a sense until they get to something they want to talk about. It can be a fun place, if you don't take it too seriously, but it's defiantly not a place for everyone.

    I think I have more to say on this but I've already wrote too much of a tl;dr post anyway so I'll just leave it at: While /co/ may seem like kind of a weird jerk at first, they like ponies all the same. They just might have a different way of showing it.

    Your very best friend,