Well the San Diego Comic Con started today, so expect some random news about MLP coming from it. Anything small we are currently collecting, such as pictures of the MLP Booth and you can expect a write up probably Sunday or Monday. On Friday though there is an official MLP Panel with Hasbro folks that will be taking place, so there may possibly be some news.

Today though right off the bat its been announced that Hasbro & IDW have signed a deal to produce an MLP Comic Book, due out in November. The comic is being produced by Katie Cook and Andy Price. Ms. Cook is best known for her cute style of drawing and is known for the webcomic Gronk. Mr. Price we can’t seem to find too much about, but the article from Comics Alliance does make note that both Cook & Price are fans of MLP:FiM. The article also points out the fact that the show has a major following outside the target audience. Comics Alliance asked editor Bobby Curnow about how IDW was going to approach this version of MLP.

“We’re trying our best to capture the tone of the show, which has plenty of witty jokes that appeal to older fans. It’s silly and irreverent, but at the same time, it’s still very character focused, which is a crucial ingredient for any smart story. Basically we’re just working on making the stories as strong as possible, and everything falls into place from there.

It helps that the writer of the series, Katie Cook, is a big fan of the show, and is a naturally warm, friendly, funny and silly person. I think the scripts come off pretty naturally as a result, while at the same time retaining a real comic book feel. Andy Price, the artist, certainly helps in that department. “

More information I’m sure to come in the future. There is no ‘official’ artwork of the comic as of yet, but you can check out Price’s Deviant Art Page which has character studies and some other MLP related work. As for Ms. Cook you can check out her homepage KatieCanDraw.

In general the comic will probably be slated to the target audience of the show, BUT if they stay true to the show (as mentioned above) then even the older fans should be entertained (and or our nasty habit of rewriting them like we did with the German comic). Its nice to see a comic that won’t just be vectors and backgrounds mashed together.

Original article by Comics Alliance can be read here.


  • Citrus Rain

    Last year:

    “Come-on Hasbro, market stuff to us!!!”

    This year:

    *Wallets implode*

  • Anonymous

    Luna is best pone.
    Was very thankful they eliminated her S1 appearance.

  • StereoPony454

    I’m a big comic book nut so this is a dream come true for me. Also makes sense IDW would do it since they work with Hasbro on G.I. Joe & Transformers comics. I’m not too worried about the quality, i’ve enjoyed a lot of IDW’s books in the past, and am currently loving their new Popeye comic. So heres hoping this one is good. Also love that cover preview all the mane six and Spike going all goggly eyes at Rarity, adorable!

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