IDW’s MLP:FiM Comic Delayed to 11/28 & Other Details from Andy Price

The above if you have not heard about it (since we’ve not posted about it yet) is the Midtown Comic’s exclusive cover for IDW’s My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #1. Along with the seven alternatives being offered by IDW directly, these guys were able to snag a Derpy version, I think (the above looks more like a promotional poster for the cover). Either way, you can read about it over at OH! Entertainment.

Today we’re posting about the fact that the comic’s release date has been delayed, I would need to double check but I think only by a week or two, as its still slated to be released in November, officially November 28th now. This was posted on Equestria Daily earlier in the week, but Andy Price also made the announcement on his Deviant Art page about 15 minutes ago, along with some more information aimed at common questions people keep asking about the comic book series. Here is the copy/pasta from his DA journal.

It looks to be pretty official, according to our editor, that the MLP comic has been pushed back two weeks to Nov 28 for street release date.

Before anybody gets upset (like one jerk on Twitter did), keep in mind the scope of this production: This is not a fanmade comic as some seem to think it is: This is a fully licensed comic book from a major Comic publisher done in cooperation with Hasbro. It is also one of the most highly anticipated comics for the entire fall/winter schedule. As such, we’d rather do it well than do it fast.

The orders for this book have far exceeded what was first anticipated, so a little more padding in the schedule is going to help to ensure the product can meet the demand

I also want to remind everyone: I am NOT The distributor/publisher… I just draw it. You cannot purchase the book directly from me. Here’s some ground I’ve covered a number of times, but I keep getting asked… so here we go:

1. WHERE IS IT SOLD? This will be sold along all the other comics out there at any given comic shop, and whatever other stores in your area that might sell comics

2. HOW DO I GET IT? See above. You can subscribe to the book at a comic shop to make sure you have a copy reserved.

3. WILL IT BE OVERSEAS? I’ve no clue what kind of range IDW (our publisher) has for distribution. As far as I know, I think so. Where however is out of my field of knowledge. You can order online at any number of online comic services, and have it shipped

4. IS IT CANON? The comic is set within show continuity, and is done in cooperation with the show staff. This is as close to the show as it gets without having it animated. I personally say yes, but it is really up to the individual to decide.

5. WILL YOU READ MY IDEA/FANFICTION/USE MY PONY? No, sorry, we cannot for a number of reasons, including legal. Nor will we be using anything from previous fanfiction, nor the German comics.

6. WILL THERE BE HUMANS? No. We will not be changing the direction set by the show, nor will we introduce elements that do not fit the show.

on another note, I would like everyone to welcome our newest addition to the stable, our colorist Heather Breckel! [link]

I originally intended on coloring the book myself, but the work I put into the book took the time I had scheduled away. I was extremely reluctant to give it up… and who was this Heather chick, anyway? well, Heather has made sure that this book is going to hit a home run, and has done a great job.

We have a LOT of plans for Ponyville… you’re just going to have to wait two more weeks to get there!

We’ll be posting about where you can purchase the comic book, namely online for anyone who doesn’t live near a comic book shop (like myself). International wise we do know United Kingdom’s Legion of Comics website currently has issue one available for pre-order here at £2.55 and do have an option for subscribing to the comic.

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