by *saturnspace

MLP Facebook is dropping a preview bomb of Hearth’s Warming Eve.  Spoiler alert for the image behind the page break.

Now with new second picture!

And since people will zoom in on the stange, its all Mane 6 (Applejack & Fluttershy / Twilight & Rarity / Pinkie & Rainbow).

And that looks to be history.
  • Anonymous

    Also from the mylittlepony facebook:

  • Anonymous

    n/m you just posted it

  • plaster

    I have NO idea what's going on in these pictures and I can't wait to find out

  • Anonymous

    It looks as if the pegasi, unicorns, and earth ponies were once at war. I'm assuming Princess Celestia showed them all "the magic of friendship" to create the currently integrated community we see today.

  • Anonymous

    The thought of ponies at war makes me desperately sad.

  • Anonymous

    >Queen Rarity
    >Renaissance Pinkie
    >Rainbow Dash, fastest legionnaire in the Western Roman Empire

    My body can never be ready enough.