Ingram Challenge – Acoustic Remix of Pinkie’s Laughter Song

by ~bingodingo

Ingram has issued a challenge for acoustic remixes of Pinkie Pie’s Laughter Song (aka Giggle at the Ghosties aka No Fear) from the second episode. He also noted this song was kind of his resume for getting into DHX and Studio B as composer, so it probably holds a special place in the MLP racket. Drop your creations off in our inbox and we’ll let you know what the man says.

Note: Cause I know others are going to bring this up. Ingram originalyl said the Pinkie Smile’s Song (Smile Smile Smile), and the crowd started kind of asking if they could do that. Unless I had a seizure or something (someone can confirm this for me), he took that back and said he meant the Laughter song, and then went on to say that the Smile song shouldn’t be remixed or used until it appears on the show (probably because what we got is an unfinished, maybe partial even piece of low quality).

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