Insider Info on Background Ponies!

A friend who is near and dear to us on the Derpyhooves team is also working on the layout team for the second seaon. Coming to us with great information to those who have been wondering about those background ponies that only got one episode in the limelight.

This bit of information is in regards to Pokey Pierce who showed up in Call of the Cutie, he was the one who popped the balloons at the party.

“Turns out Pokey’s build was just made for that ONE scene and no one dropped it back into the library so we could use him. So today I rerigged him and am gonna put him in so even if he doesn’t get in, i will leave him in case someone wants to use him. Probably any BG pony you’ve only seen once is sort of misplaced in files, but still kicking around.”

We had also gotten information about Vinyl Scratch from this source earlier this month along the same lines. She was specially made for that episode by TopDraw, one of the animation companies that worked on the first season.

The animation staff indeed knows and listens to us! Hopefully Hasbro realizes this soon enough to get all of our sweet, sweet moolah.

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