Signed Spike Pic by Isabel Martiñon.

As many of you guys maybe know, Hasbro Latinamerica released a FiM DVD with a “Rushed” dubbing of “The Ticket Master”, they were comments about how the voices were “off character” and felt really rushed.

Well, in Taringa (Spanish Speaking Community) there is a Cabronie known as “Pegasus BTX” who interviewed Isabel Martiñon, great Voice Actress who dubbed Naruto Uzumaki, Ben 10 , Otto Rocket, and now, Spike the Dragon , at Puerto Vallarta’s Comic Con.

She commented that the comments of the users influenciated the change of voices, Applejack as an example, who is now voiced by Claudia Motta.

She also said that she really liked her character:

“Spike is a really cute character. It’s the tipical kid who wants to act like a grown-up, but he’s still a little baby dragon. It’s really cute”

And for last, she said that she actually didn’t recieved complaints about her Voice Acting, instead she was elogiated for her awesome work.

Source: (Spanish Ahead)

  • chipuni

    For fans who don't speak Spanish, here's my translation:

    Someone made a small interview with Isabel Martiñón, the voice of Spike in the Spanish dub. A few interesting things were said.

    At ConComics, which happened in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, the dubbing actress and user of Taringa was asked a few question about the dubbing of Friendship is Magic.

    When Pegasus BTX, who was with her, asked her about her role in My Little Pony, she was "surprised he knew about it" and about the role of Spike, she mentioned that "he's a very tender personality. He's a typical kid who wants to act older, but continue to act like a little dragon. It's very tender for her," said this user.

    She also referred to the the change of voices in the dubbing and that the reason for the redubbing of various voices was "thanks to the complaints of various users." The voices ought to "resemble closely the original voices, the bronies complained". They put great pressure[*] on the ladies.

    On the topic of the first dubbed episode, Ticket Master, she said that "it was the pilot dubbing" and they made it "to check precision[**] by Hasbro and for discovering which voices could remain." The final product "might be different than what you see in this episode" and you will hear it with the new voice of Applejack, which she said was changed to Claudia Motta. The reason for the change was that "she fit the role very well. It needed a very expressive voice who could perform the northern Mexican accent.

    But she's received no complaints for her role. "On the contrary, I've received praise and congratulations for the excellent work on Spike and for this, I'm very proud."

    [*] The direct translation is both risque and anatomically impossible.

    [**] Isabel was transcribed as using the word 'pressure'. She almost definitely meant 'precision'.