Interview with Spitfire and Twilight: Anneli Heed and Julia Meynen

Galacon VAs

As I mentioned in my report, I was allowed to interview Anneli Heed and Julia Meynen at Galacon, and Spazz was so good to edit the interview into shape. (Their VA panel can be found on Canni’s YouTube channel.)

Anneli Heed is the Swedish voice of Spitfire (famously), Spike, Cheerilee, Bon Bon, and Photo Finish, and the signing voice of Rainbow Dash and Sweetie Belle. She’s also a well-known Swedish comedian. Julia Meynen is the German voice of Twilight Sparkle and has long experience in dubbing and voice-over with some wikis listing more than 150 roles in anime, live action, and audio plays.

You can find the interview behind the break, and Spazz has also uploaded it to YouTube. I’m the timid, hesitant voice to the left. (I don’t usually speak much…)

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