It Music Time!

Its time for a little music, so have Lyra, on the couch (without the meme part below it).

Pinkie’s Rest
First up we have Squeak who has created a Pinkie Pie Sleeping Theme which is very fantasy like, very lullaby feeling.  I’m tired as hell and wanted to fall asleep listening to it, a very dreamy melody.  And I must agree with some of the comments on youtube, who the hell can imagine pinkie pie sleeping?

Brony Anthem

I need to figure out how to embed flash into the blog, it can be done, but for now you must walk there.  Someone just pointed out (and I never caught) that links open in the middle window and not into their own tab/new window, so right click’em.

Sparklepeep sent in the Brony Anthem, a song about bronies.  Its kind of like your school spirit song that you’d sing at a football game, but in need of a marching band soundtrack and a group like Bronies United to sing it.

You can right click right on over to the dA page and give it a listen.

And last, random notebook Derpy from Miles MacDicken, ah note book art, well I sucked at drawing anything but did spend many of my high school hours doodling in them.

The muffin is a lie.
  • Zodrache69

    Pinkie's Rest… such a nice lullaby, I want it to last forever!

  • Squeak


    Thank you! I'm glad you like it, but if it lasted forever I'll have you know it would be a great deal more difficult to play!