Japony Monday, Episode 11

I must apologize for last week’s blurb.  I thought there wasn’t an episode last week until I saw it on Yayponies, but forgot to update the article to reflect that.  Anyway, I’ve noticed I haven’t posted a lot of subs.  You can find most of them here (along with raws) on chocoreichan’s Dailymotion.

This week, as you might have guessed from the cover image, is Winter Wrap-Up! (冬を片付け)  Now, if I’m not mistaken, this particular episode is what sealed the fandom for a lot of people.  Let’s see if the Japanese version can stand up.  Anyway, the usual routine is below.

[Update:  Those lazy sons a–  They didn’t even try dubbing the song…]

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  • Jody Morgan

    Wait, what? They actually kept the original English “Winter Wrap-Up” number, instead of dubbing it in Japanese?

    • Doc

      Yup, they just used subtitles over the English song, then switched right back to Japanese dubbing after the song was over. Unfortunately. I have no idea why, either. All the Mane 6 .jp VAs can sing, at least well enough to last through an insert song.