Japony Monday, Episode 18

The Show Stoppers this week.  Eh, wasn’t too into this episode, but maybe the dub’ll change my mind.  It seems they dubbed Hush Now, Quiet Now from what I’ve heard (sorry about missing last week, by the way; I’ll link this as an apology), so it seems likely they’re only subbing the big musical numbers.  The usual below:

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Yayponies (DL)

mlpjapan (Dailymotion, Tumblr)


Chocoreichan (Dailymotion)

  • Carolina A Leo

    At least they translated a full song. Important for the story plot they sing in several scenes.

  • Just this guy, you know?

    According to their website, Chocoreichan is on a leave of absence until the 20th.
    MLPJapan has been curiously quiet lately.

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