Japony Monday, Episode 3

(It took me longer than it should’ve to find a decent SFW picture to use on Pixiv…)

Anyway.  Up next in the Japanese dub of Friendship is Magic is Episode 3, The Ticket Master 「チケットは誰のもの?」!  This post will be updated with raws and subs as they are uploaded, so keep an eye on the page if you’re so inclined.


Fengyunzhibo (Better image quality, scrolling comments not necessarily in English)

mylittleweaboo (Lesser image quality, English comments to the side)

Whichever you prefer, the episode airs in 5 minutes [6:30 PM EST].

Songs Raws

Grand Galloping Gala raw from mlpjapan (Which is called ‘Dance Party’)

The Ticket Song raw from mlpjapan

Grand Galloping Gala subbed by chocoreichan

Episode Raws

Stream from mlpjapan (Dailymotion)

Download from YayPonies

Episode Subs

English Subs by Chocoreichan (Dailymotion)