Japony Mondays, Episode 2

Where’s the first one, you ask?  I forgot to do it.  Anyway, the Japanese dub is airing fresh every Tuesday morning in Japan (which equates to Mondays at 6:30 EDT here).  I’ll update the article with livestreams, raw and subtitled downloads, and streams that aren’t blocked in America as the rest of the day/week goes by, so check back from time to time if you have the interest.  I might even translate some Japanese reactions on Twitter if there’s interest.  We’ll just have to see.

First up is the livestream mylittleweaboo airing the new episode as we speak.  Everything else will be added after the episode finishes, on a rolling basis.

[Alternative Livestream – Probably better image quality; big thanks to Maxiburger for the link]

Update 1:  Raw of the episode is up on youtube, courtesy of mlpjapaninstantlocation.info is a decent enough proxy if you’re in the U.S.  Then again… use at your own discretion.

Update 2:  Raw torrent courtesy of YayPonies.

Update 3:  Giggle at the Ghostly dub version, subbed by Chocoreichan.

Update 4:  Raw on Dailymotion from mlpjapan; no proxy needed.


  • Shiek927

    I’m genuinely curious — I’ve honestly heard next-to-nothing about what the community in Japan is like, or if they even know or care all that much for FiM…I wonder if they’ll be as crazy about it as the West.

  • Anon

    That image is awesome, Celestia hitting the sake.