Jayson Thiessen Q&A on Reddit

There has come some news from Jayson Thiessen, Director for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, in the form of a Reddit ‘Q&A’ segment. Confirmed from his Twitter account as legit.

Here are some highlights so far:

Confirmation of no human involvement in Equestia is definately good news for most people.

It seems as if Trixie is very likely for a return.

And more confirmation that the show is not targeted solely at the young female demographic.

Jayson has wrapped up his question answering for this event. You can find an overview of all of his answers to questions asked here.

You can find the rest of the ‘Q&A’ segment here.

His tweet about the segment here.

And it’s nice to see the show is still in good hands.

  • Anonymous

    Don't forget this bit about Granny Smith apparently getting some development.


  • Trainguyxx

    heavens no – the safe version for something we shouldn't be saying on a regular basis.

    good to see that there's still more to say about Trixie, but it sounds like there's nothing in season 2 about her, from the way he said it.

  • Anonymous

    I have a good feeling that this show has a lot of life left in it still.

  • aelibia

    Haha, naughty cutie mark. Nice.

  • Anonymous

    "we are leaving the background ponies up to you guys. derpy is the exception, but the rest of them we don't have any plans of yet to really acknowledge them."

    Think he's referring to Winter Wrap Up or possibly some Derpy to look forward to in season two??

  • 21shootingstar -★-

    This kind of news makes me so impatient, I can't wait for season 2!!

    19 days, it feels so close but so distant at the same time.

    From what I read on reddit Jayson Thiessen seems to be a really cool guy, most of his comments from reddit made me laugh, I guess we will be hearing a lot from him now.

  • Anonymous

    >Think he's referring to Winter Wrap Up or possibly some Derpy to look forward to in season two??

    I think he's saying we still have plenty of ideas for the mane six, the cmc, and Luna so we're not going to start exploring stories and ideas about the background characters.

    If you ask me it's a good move, if they save that stuff for when they're getting low on ideas for the main characters then that'll give them time to come up with new ideas while still making new episodes.

  • No humans, huh? Does Equestria Girls count?