Phoe’s Takeover by Atlur (grayscaled by me)

Phoe’s Takeover by Atlur (grayscaled by me)

See how I Discorded them all in that picture above? That’s because Phoe and Cereal of Equestria Daily have interviewed John de Lancie. Have a listen after the break!

John de Lancie talked about the BronyCon Documentary, how it came to be, what they want to achieve, and reminded us that they are now collecting additional donations with the new target of $270,000 to travel to BUCK in the UK, and the Grand Galloping Gala, alias Galacon, in Germany.

A few excerpts:

  • About fans being evangelical: “Yeah, and I’m all for it, especially since it’s about being good and about … being tolerant and being understanding and being honest, and all those types of things which are good.” (3:37)
  • “I love the fact that the girl in Germany was telling me that the girl in Germany was telling me that certain members of the German parliament actually use …, the way she she translated it to me was ‘Ponytime.’ But ‘Ponytime,’ as I understood it, was a combination of two words, which means ‘better together.’ ” Nah, it’s really just “Ponytime,” quite straight forward. And it’s not even translated; we just say “Ponytime,” literally, and usually in one uppercase word. (There’s also an eponymous German podcast.) Also it’s so far limited to certain members of the parliament of the capital Berlin, but that shortcoming will hopefully be ameliorated in the future. (The Ponytime clause was invoked during a session of the pirate party last November: The delegates had a vote and finally watched Boast Busters.)
  • “The world needs more bronies now.” (48:31)

(That reminds me, here are our OCs. Artists, please tie us up.)



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    I am not the greatest of artists, but I shall add it to my to do list!