This Pleases Meby ~SapphireD

This Pleases Me
by ~SapphireD

Seems John de Lancie has started to make some interviewing rounds in the community, I’m sure to promote Bronies: The Documentary among other things. If you’re heading out to Unicon next month you can also rub elbows with JdL and the rest of the special guests via the exclusive Celebrity Cocktail Hour & Dinner.


Equestria Talk Show! on Midnight Run Jetstream


Equestria talk has an exclusive interview with the ONE AND ONLY John De Lancie Today at 4:00PM. John will be stopping by to talk about the documentary, projects, bronies and more! We invite you to come and hangout in chat or submit your questions to us! You can send them to or tweet using the hashtag #EQTALK. We can’t wait to see you guys!



Discord’s Domain (EqMegathreads)

Big news, little blog! It seems like we’ll be interviewing John De Lancie about the recent documentary over Livestreamat 12:00 PST for roughly half an hour. If you have any questions you’d like us to ask De Lancie, leave them in the comments!

Questions can be posted here:

Interview will take place here:

  • Congrats to Discord’s Domain, the underdog of Pony news sites!