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As posted about yesterday, John de Lancie was a guest of honor at the Dallas ComicCon along side Star Trek star Patrick Stewart, and of course a slew of other guests at the con which included names such as Stan Lee. During his panel he gave a speech about My Little Pony and this community, and I feel that his words ring very true to what the core of this fanbase is about. The video can be found after the page break, but I have also transcribed his speech into text form for ya.


For those of you who don’t know it and I think its really important that you should. I ended up doing a cartoon show called My Little Pony. Didn’t know anything about it. Looked at the material, it was really good, went out there, knocked off a couple of them. Completely forgot about it. And then all of a sudden about four month ago I was inundated. People would go My Little Pony and I’d go….what!? DISCORD! What? I turned to my wife and asked what are they talking about? Well she said you did a My Little Pony thing. It was my first step into a world that I’ve become quite fascinated with.

The reason I’ve become fascinated with it, is this. It’s not My Little Pony, its Friendship is Magic and it purports interestingly enough a better future. It has a fanbase which are the ages of my sons. Very interesting. And as I go further into it, I’m beginning to go, you know I feel that I’m at the beginning of a really important fanbase made up of people who are interested in music, who are interested in art, who are interested in doing good and being good and doing good, in a world which seems to at least, I don’t know about you people but as far as I’m concerned this world has gone crazy in the terms of how mean we’ve all gotten.

I’m delighted and I feel like I’m at the beginning…when I came into Star Trek along with Patrick, the Star Trek fanbase had already been established. Well I feel like I’m at the beginning of a new fanbase, and I want to invite you who are Trek Fans to embrace Friendship is Magic fans, because I’ve discovered that we all have a lot in common.

– John de Lancie

  • Anonymous

    If I wasn’t so damn tired, I would be giggling like a bitch right now.

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  • 0kami

    I like how John makes the correlation between the ideals between both works, how both ST:TNG and MLP:FiM have similar mindsets, that things are more utopian-focused, with kindness, charity, understanding and other positive attributes fostered, and how these works reflect a hope of changing the supposed real-life mindset that things are going to Hell in a wicker basket (unless you send us your money).

    It’s funny how just making a single appearance on a children’s TV show seemed to jump-start his fame among the growing Brony Community, and it sounds like he’s got his finger right on the pulse of this new rising fan base. Salud, Mr. de Lancie!

  • Brendan

    What a beautiful speech. I am so happy that John De Lancie is embracing this fandom & that he gets it. He gets us. He understands what makes this fandom so amazing & he is trying to show others why.