Journal of the Cosmic Space Frog – In Depth Look of Pinkie Pie

You might remember the article from April 14th, if not you can review it here in the old old news archive (scroll down to April 14th or look for Freud’s face).  A brony by the name of Justin took a leap and did an indepth analysis of the fandom, only to be infected and become one of us over on his blog “Journal of the Cosmic Space Frog”.  Well he’s at it again, as said before, he plans on doing an analysis on each of the characters, you can re-read Rainbow Dash right here, but now he has moved on to the hyper, possibly insane pony, Pinkie pie.  I haven’t had the chance to read it yet (Mondays…) but will be later tonight, but ya’ll get first look.  So here you go.

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