JT goes dA & Mad TV almost pony meme skit

First in news, MLP Director Jayson Thiessen has open up a deviantart account.  The above picture is taken from it (cause I find it a touch disturbing for some reason).  So far it hasn’t been mauled by a billion questions, but the clock is ticking, and I’m sure he’s seen Faust’s dA, so it won’t be a major surprise.  Welcome to the dA world JT.

Apparently in the same episode of MAD that featured Cowbows & Equestrians, there was also another skit called ThunderLOL Cats, which took the recently reboot of Thundercats and combined it with just about every meme you could think of into it.  The above picture is a concept piece for the sketch, which features our own Derpy Hooves.  It seemed the original script for the skit had called for DH along with Rainbow Dash to be featured, since they are in a way memes (though a good part of the general public thinks this is why we watch MLP, and not that we actually enjoy it for its contents).  But the final production did not include Derpy Hooves, and Rainbow Dash became a mutant cross between herself and a flying pig from the Angry Birds game.  The youtube copy of the skit is found below, compared to some of the other crap MAD has made skit wise, I did find this one enjoyable enough to waste 3 minutes of my life on.  Enjoy.
(Font fixed cause that shit was burning my eyes)

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