JustUs Geeks – Meghan McCarthy Interview [Update: Part 2]

It seems Meghan McCarthy has been around the interview circuit more than once in the recent days.  This time we have JustUs Geeks, with a longer, two part interview (second part to come later in the week).  Catch it here, if you’re so inclined.

Marty: Next question: What’s the best part about working on My Little Pony, for you?

Meghan: Gosh! I just love that we get to see how really big a kid’s story can be, that they can really mean something. One of the unique things about this show is really that every episode does have sort of a lesson, but they’re not, y’know, “another very special episode” of My Little Pony.  They are within a really funny, fun, sometimes huge adventure story, but they have a genuinely good, nice explanation, and I like that I get to play a part in that.

[Update] Part 2 of the interview can be found here.

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