Katsucon Bronies

Derpy Swag

Ponies are invading the Dealer's Room

It’s been a few days since I got home from Katsucon this year, and I’ve had a chance to sort out my photos and whatnot. Thought I’d share some thoughts on the convention; specifically, on the emergence of bronies into the convention scene. More after the break.

It’s not like this was the first anime convention I’ve been to that I’ve seen bronies. Otakon last year was where I first noticed an emergence of bronies among the weaboos. However, it seems more prominent now. The link below is to the set of photos I snapped of bronies at various times at the convention.

Brony Cosplayer Photos


Catastrophic clutter of critters

Of course, there was a big brony photo shoot, as well. There were various themes, as seen in the collection bellow. Unfortunately, there was no Trixie to be seen.

Brony Photoshoot Photos


It seems like some of the merchants are taking advantage of the pony phenomenon, and are starting to put out pony merchandise, such as the Derpy plush pictured above. Granted, Katsucon was pretty much devoid of ponies last year, but I’m not sure when they started to invade the con scene. Otakon’s pony merchandise was just within the artist alley, but it seems like more merchants may and are picking up on this trend. Hopefully, there will be more choices and availability for anyone who can afford these things.

  • Magiwarriorx

    I actually saw bronies at DragonCon last year (at the time, I was unaware of ponies/bronies/MLP:FiM in general.) In retrospect, almost all 46,000 people attending the Con were cheering.

    • Fadflamer

      It seems like there was am explosion somewhere between Katsucon last year and Otakon.

  • Bahahaha wow! I’m the top photo in your post header… props!!

    Also I LOVE this site and have even more reason to keep visiting daily <3

    • Fadflamer

      Glad you enjoyed the article.

  • Excellent article, but I can’t access the photos. I would’ve like to see if my pic was taken – I was the Princess Celestia that was holding hands with a Queen Chrysalis. :3