Kefka and Pineapple: Pictures and Info from Toy Fair

Pineapple over at The Round Stable wrote up about their adventures at the Toy Fair, where they saw and learned about a lot of licensed merchandise. You can check out her write up here or check out the new, relevant info here.

Some of these items have popped up before but without information. This is part of the Fashion Angels line. Fashion Angels gives girls drawing tools to create their own fashion. Instead of just drawing random clothes, it teaches color theory and the “art” behind what makes fashion design more than picking pretty colors.

The entire Aurora display. Face purses, embroidered purses and stand-alone plushies are available with all of the mane 6, so you’ll be able to get your favorite.

The purse plushies are smaller, easy to carry around everywhere. Aurora tends to be stocked in gift shops, greeting card stores and sometimes hospitals and florists. They’re the company that makes the bears you buy for your sick friends.

Their site says you can find their toys at zoos, theme parks, Learning Express and other “high end” toy stores, gift chains like Hallmark and Claires, hospitals, florists, candy stores and gift/stationary stores. Your best bet would be a Hallmark store, mom/pop gift and candy stores and perhaps Claires. We’ll let you know when we find them in the wild!

Next up is Montco Crafts. They’re cardboard “coloring pages” that you can color in any way you want. You can then punch them out and make them into a little stand up, like the “life size” celebrity standees you can buy at FYE. There’s big and small versions, and as you can see there’s Transformers and other Hasbro licenses, too.

There’s “kits” that come with markers.

USAopoly is the company that will be making the MLP Monopoly board. I’d post pictures but they wouldn’t allow pictures. The figures are similar to blind bags in size and are hand painted G4 FiM characters. If this set sells well, then USAopoly will try to make this with other licenses.

Enterplay said that the Mane 6 tin will contain “the final card of the series 1 checklist.” Which is extremely vague, but it’s most like a special foil card of some type. Check your own “official” poster checklist to see what that is.

Funko had their vinyl figures that we’ve all seen up for display. The Dr. Whooves and Fluttershy vinyls come in opaque and translucent varieties, with the packaging have a window so you can see which one you’re getting. When they pop up in Hot Topic you’ll be able to grab the one you want (assuming it’s in stock).

Pineapple and Kefka would have gone to Hasbro’s stand, but it was impossible to get in. You had to call up Hasbro and make an appointment weeks in advance; they were booked up by the time our friends at TRS contacted them.

For a full analysis, remember to check out their own coverage of this.

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