@Kikiandami Charity Auctions via Tara Strong

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by =AeronJVL

You may remember a few months ago we talked about Kiki, the poor girl who was diagnosed with a mass in her brain back in January of 2011 and has undergone multiple rounds of chemo and other treatment. Tara Strong has been using her powers for good by supporting the charity behind Kiki, which goes to help fund her medical treatment and keep her family afloat financially during this hard time. For the past half year Kiki’s family has had to live out of a hotel in Sacramento, California and doing so has taken a toll on the family budget. You can read the original article here.

Community member @CurryKatsu has been doing their best to help out the family, and wanted us to relay the message about the charity auctions that are taking place on eBay. There are multiple items up for bid, most signed by Tara Strong, and of course the winning bids go towards Kiki’s fund. Here is the list of current items up for bid.

Click here to see the full auction list with picture.

Remember, all items listed above are signed by Tara Strong.

And of course you can go to Support Kiki’s Treatment Fund and donate directly.

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