Know Your Meme’s report on MLP:FiM

Know Your Meme’s latest episode talks about FiM and the psychotic fandom attributed to it.

It appears mostly accurate, although we’re not too sure about their explanation of the term “brony.”

oops i dropped the b-word

  • Anonymous

    I know Im pretty late to be posting here, but unless Im misremembering something, Im pretty sure they are correct about the term brony being born from /b/tards
    Isnt that why /co/lts hate being called /b/ronies?

  • DerpySquad

    Its incorrect, the term Brony was birthed from the /co/ fandom back in the twilight days, when I joined the herd in early November, the term was well in use.

    When /b/ joined the fandom in mid-January is when there was a split. They started to use the term via /b/rony, and /co/ turned around and started using /co/lts.

    Even love and tolerance was a /co/ slogan, but it wasn't preached or really said, it was just about everyone getting together to enjoy a girls cartoon, and to ignore trolls. Again, when /b/ got into it, it became almost a creed to them.

    /co/ generally hates the term brony now a days due to how its represented from the loud sector of ponychan (aka the Love & Tolerance crowd who preach this creed very loudly).

    And now, time for recess.