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The LA Times has recently posted an article about the SoCal Brony group, but mainly about the show and of course the community that has formed around it. All in all it’s a fine article, neutral to positive in nature, which of course is better than the flack we’ve gotten in the past. I know from a few sources that the LA Times has been very interested in the community, especially with the upcoming convention that is being planned for LA in November (via EquestriaLA, you’ll be seeing them crop up in the posts).

As always, there are a few mistakes. I had to chuckle at the line “fans have a robust presence on animation hub 4chan,” if only they knew what went on there outside of the /mlp/ and /co/ boards. Other mistakes were noting that the LA convention would be the first brony convention (though they might mean for the area), and that fans were excited about the upcoming season finale as it introduces the “first male pony, Shining Armor” (insert sad face Big Mac here).

But all in all a good article. It includes a few thoughts from Meghan McCarthy (senior story writer for S3) and Margaret Loesch (President and CEO of The Hub).

You can read up on the article here.

  • Anonymous

    You should probably upload that new clip now.

    • If you mean the one from the io9 site, just did. Unless there is another I’m unaware of.

      Edit: That would be a yes since I see EqD had it a few hours before. Oh well, we all cannot sit behind our computers 24/7, cause that ain’t living.

  • Dogman15

    Can someone clue them in to their mistakes and get them corrected?

  • Glittering Pony

    I can email the reporter :3