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On April 21st and 22nd the Los Angeles Times will be holding their Festival of Books at the University of Southern California which is host to multiple authors, writers and even stars and musical acts. There are a ton of names at this event, browsing their program schedule (found here) some random semi-famous names have popped out at me, such as John Cusack who will be discussing “The Raven” or Ricki Lake discussing her book. Even Tori Spelling who will be a part of the royal wedding promotion will be there for her book Celebratori: Unleashing Your Inner Party Planner to Entertain Friends and Family.

On Sunday @ 1pm, The Hub will be presenting a showing of “Read It and Weep” for the obvious fun to read theme the episode carries. Afterwards there will be a Q & A with Meghan McCarthy (writer) and Tara Strong (voice of Twilight, Master Troll), with the Interview being conducted by Dawn C. Chmielewski. The screening and following Q & A will take place at the Broccoli Theater.

  • Correction though – Meghan Mccarthy is NOT the author of Read it and weep, it’s Cindy Morrow.

    • Thanks, corrected that. A few of us are confused because she’s listed as “showrunner” under the LA Times site, to quote “Q & A to follow with showrunner Meghan McCarthy and actor Tara Strong”, which the showrunner is usually the person in charge of the day to day operations (aka Jayson Thiessen). Its possible that maybe she was put in charge of all the writers or something. Should have double checked to see if she had written the episode though.

  • Well I heard that she’ll be the story editor (like, head of story departments or something) for Season 3 because Rob Renzetti leaves that position so probably that’s why they call her “showrunner”…probably.

  • Is it just me or why do I see Ax the dragon from Suikoden V in my avatar every time I post here? Though I do love that dragon, what a coincidence. Favorite one is Draggy from Chrono Cross though.

  • NinJay

    Master Troll? Tara Strong is good at trolling? I probably sound like an idiot but… I really have no idea.

  • Jordan

    So why isn’t Cindy Morrow there, if she wrote “Read it and Weep”?

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