Latin Dub of FiM is out now

These are the credits of the Latin American dub of FiM. Apparently, on Chile they decided to release the DVD before october.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Big thanks to Olivetti for uploading them! Gracias!

  • Claire Anne Carr

    Tengo miedo a escuchar el doblaje D:

  • Anonymous

    You probably mean Spanish dub. T_T 'Cause the most influential and economically strong country in Latin America doesn't speak Spanish you know.

  • Night Star

    This is SHIT, no one of the voices fits, and i know those dubiing artists, god im pissed about this, they should have chosen Venezuela for the dubbing they have more voices that can fit onto this.

  • Anonymous

    I generally like it but could have gone the extra mile on the voices.

    Also, the dialogue seems not to flow at times and some things are translated literally from english.

    I saw it subtitled on Youtube and must say that regretably the guy who made the fansub did a better job than the studio.