by Lauren Faust

Many of you My Little Pony fans may have heard the amazing news that John de Lancie, who played the infamous Q on Star Trek: The Next Generation, and who I was so honored to have play the villain Discord for MLP:FiM, has announced that he will be Executive Producing a documentary about Bronies and Bronycon.

The new news is that Tara Strong (voice of Twilight Sparkle) and I have been brought on board as Executive Producers, as well.  And to make this documentary as amazing as possible, we are reaching out to raise even more money for film on our Kickstarter page.  Please see the official announcement below:

We are pleased to announce that Tara Strong and Lauren Faust have joined us as executive producers of the documentary. Both bring amazing talent and exciting ideas that will help make this film even better.

We are also announcing a new funding push. The response to our casting call was overwhelming. There are so many amazing and inspiring stories out there. We can’t tell them all, but with your help we can include lots of them. As you may know we started out as a documentary essentially covering a convention, which is taking place over a few days, but we want to do more. We want to take viewers into the homes of the amazing people who identify as Bronies. This costs money. We have to pay for travel and hotels, crew members and equipment rentals.

Our new goal is $200,000. So how do we get there? We’ve added some great rewards – so please consider upping your pledge. From having your pony OC drawn by Lauren to getting your Blu-ray disk and artwork signed by Tara, Lauren and John to having dinner with all three, we have something for everyone.

Please spread the word to help us drive toward the goal, which will help make this possible. If you know anyone who has not already made a pledge, please direct him or her to the Kickstarter campaign.

Please stop by our Kickstarter page and consider making a pledge.  You can also pledge via Paypal.  Even a small amount is a huge help.

BTW— you should check out all the pledge levels, but there is one where the incentive is to receive ORIGINAL ART FROM ME OF YOU PONY OC!!  For those interested, I will draw your very own Pony Original Character in one of the styles seen at the bottom of this post.

Thanks to all who have pledged so far!

Kickstarter page— please take a look for more info about pledging, casting calls and creative direction!
Youtube video of Bronycon Livestream announcement  More details plus interview with me, Tara and John!
Pledge via Paypal

Lauren Faust


As of the time of this article, the Documentary Kickstarter which still has till June 10th 2:59pm EDT is over double the ‘goal’ amount of $60,000 currently sitting at $123,262. The star wipes on the video better be in 3d.

[Source: Fyre Flye / Lauren Faust on Deviant Art]

  • YouAreSuperMario

    Interesting, did you call that picture Trifecta?

    In horse racing, that word is a betting word that comes from if you predicted 3 horses to be exactly 1st, 2nd and 3rd in a bet.

    Just checked Wikipedia and it also seems to have a double meaning “It is also used to describe a situation when three elements come together at the same time.[1] (e.g. the “Trifecta of Brotherhood”)”


  • unbridled optimism

    I kinda wish the pledges weren’t structured around “prizes”, but I’m more than happy to kick in more money if only because…
    >Give monies
    >Lauren sees that crowdfunding works
    >Lauren, and creators like her, create future projects funded by people instead of corporate entities
    >Creators own their work and fans can directly contribute to what we love

    At least, that’s how it goes in my head.

  • Folly


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  • Alan Back

    I’m in for five bills. The chance to just be in the same room with John, Lauren, and Tara – three people who, between them, have worked on five of my all-time favorite TV shows – and to help out this project of theirs is worth every penny.