(Updated) Earlier today Lauren Faust posted on Twitter that she was looking to get her hands on an SDCC Derpy figure, even offering a sketch of Derpy as payment for the figure. After several hours it seems she has secured one. The winner of the sketch? Well known community artist John Joseco. As seen in the tweet above, she is also looking to secure a Zecora, which apparently sold out very quickly. Same offer, a sketch of Zecora in trade for the SDCC Zecora figure.

Original post with tweets behind the page break.

Typically something I wouldn’t post as news, but when the creator of the FiM world is seeking an SDCC Derpy and offering a sketch in return for someone’s kindness…

So if you’re at SDCC and always wanted a Faust Sketch, here is your chance.

  • YouAreSuperMario

    WOW you work fast, lets hope the lucky guy with the Derpy Toy works fast too!

  • Edwin, Inventer of Classicalobilly Funk

    Heck, I’ll trade a sketch for one too!

  • filledwithsolutions

    If only all those people with Derpys and Zecoras on ebay knew they could have traded for a sketch worth thousands

  • Citrus Rain

    JJ is making me Jelly.


    So much luck!