Lauren Faust has again answered a series of trivia questions on Twitter. For a $25 donation to the Indiegogo campaign of the Widlife Learning Center, you could get your season 1 question answered.

There are no odds nor ends at this juncture of maturization, so I’m making this a separate post this time. For two more such streams of trivia, see Odds and Ends #2 and Odds and Ends #3.

Remember, people paid for these, so, I don’t know, don’t look at them, I guess—or donate!

  • “SO CLOSE! Just 300 measly little dollars until @WLC_Wildlife names an awe-inspiring-ly HUGE salcuta tortoise TANK!” (2013-04-29 04:31Z)
  • “@Saurodyne You’re not going to like it: Color model came across my desk. I went “looks good” and approved it. Didn’t even think about it.” (2013-04-29 04:49Z)
  • “For next 20 minutes, I’ll answer MLP Season 1 questions for $25 donations to @WLC_Wildlife’s fundraiser” (2013-04-29 04:56Z)
  • “@b_ht @WLC_Wildlife I did. Proving a “girl show” could be enjoyed outside it’s core audience.” (2013-04-29 05:10Z)
  • “@SteveStreza It was inspired by The Pied Piper and Trouble with Tribbles.” (2013-04-29 05:12Z)
  • “@Eclipse09000785 Yes, Trixie was written as male in the premise. Hasbro requested a female character. Story was not changed at all.” (2013-04-29 05:14Z)
  • “@TimmoWarner @WLC_Wildlife The ponies meet a pony who was raised by deer and thinks he’s a deer.” (2013-04-29 05:18Z)
  • “@TimmoWarner @WLC_Wildlife AJ and RD argue over whether to tell him the truth!” (2013-04-29 05:18Z)
  • “@TimmoWarner Oops! He found out on his own, and decided to stay with the deer who raised him.” (2013-04-29 05:22Z)
  • “@TailsFox88 Sorry— I gotta ask you to stick to Season 1 questions. That sucker’s just too loaded.” (2013-04-29 05:24Z)
  • “20 minutes are up — but I’ll stick around for a while longer to answer MLP S1 question for a $25 to @WLC_Wildlife” (2013-04-29 05:29Z)

Continued after the break.

  • “@mcthedo They dissipate into the atmosphere. Her house was designed before we conceived how rainbows are made. Would have done it different.” (2013-04-29 05:36Z)
  • “@peglegman99 NMM is the jealousy residing inside her that came forth. Perhaps it could be sparked again– or jealousy in someone else.” (2013-04-29 05:38Z)
  • “@mcthedo ask @M_A_Larson —it was his idea!” (2013-04-29 05:43Z)
  • “@PonyRx It was just wanderlust. She wanted to see the world beyond the farm.” (2013-04-29 05:44Z)
  • “So close to TANK you guys! I’ll stick around for the 2 more questions we need to get there! $25 for a S1 question!” (2013-04-29 05:49Z)
  • “@TimmoWarner Good idea. Perhaps one night this week.” (2013-04-29 05:52Z) [Looking forward to it! —Ed.]
  • “@NormandyJayden I’m afraid I don’t have a ready answer for that! But, if it were up to me, I’d say that though she loved her family, she…” (2013-04-29 05:53Z)
  • “@NormandyJayden …was simply bored and wanted to go someplace where she could meet more people and have more fun. She didn’t belong on…” (2013-04-29 05:53Z)
  • “@NormandyJayden …a rock farm.” (2013-04-29 05:54Z)
  • “@peglegman99 Don’t know what the final canon will be, but they had passed away in my book. Never thought of how, though….” (2013-04-29 05:55Z)
  • “YOU DID IT!!! We made it TANK tier!! Thanks to all! @WLC_Wildlife Now onward to Owloowicious!” (2013-04-29 05:58Z)
  • “An extra thanks to tonight’s donators for abiding by the honor system. More proof #bronies are awesome!” (2013-04-29 06:12Z)
  • “@DumontRudisel I’m still here. Shoot.” (2013-04-29 06:13Z)
  • “@DumontRudisel And by “shoot” I mean “ask away!”” (2013-04-29 06:15Z)
  • “@DumontRudisel She was not thought up until Season 2. She was created in the story room for that episode. Want to ask a different question?” (2013-04-29 06:22Z)
  • “@kolmoslink I’ll do this again sometime in the coming week. I’ll tweet when I figure out what evening.” (2013-04-29 06:24Z)
  • “@TheKinkyTurtle A lot. I designed the main & major supporting cast. I hand picked the artists who designed the background style. (cont)” (2013-04-29 06:26Z)
  • “@TheKinkyTurtle ….and I reviewed and approved all artwork for season 1. I designed a lot of animals in S1 as well.” (2013-04-29 06:27Z)
  • “@DumontRudisel Yes. Celestia had no choice but to banish her sister or night would last forever. She did so with a heavy heart.” (2013-04-29 06:28Z)
  • “Thanks for the questions and donations! It was fun! I’ll be doing this again sometime in the next few days— I’ll let you know when!” (2013-04-29 06:30Z)
  • “Good night!” (2013-04-29 06:30Z)