Legends of Equestria: Livestream Preview on 4/14

“We at Legends of Equestria are happy and excited to announce our 24 hour livestream challenge. Our goal is to try to build the Everfree Forest in 24 hours. This include buildings, plants, NPCs, creatures, and the map layout.

Everything will be livestreamed on our Livestream channel and during the time you will have a chance to see how our team works to build the game.
You will also have the chance to ask questions to our team members during interview slots!

The event starts at 2PM the 14th of April and it will end 2PM the 15th of April. Our main goal is to create a complete set of maps, npcs, creatures, buildings and plants.

Hope to see you there!”

Legends of Equestria team

Livestream: www.livestream.com/legendsofequestria
More information: www.facebook.com/legendsofequestria

To recap, Legends of Equestria is what was Equestria Online, due to a team dispute (common in large freelance projects) the project got split in half. You can find a report of this back several weeks in our archives.

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