Road to Alpha

Road to Alpha

What you can see above is the Legends of Equestria Road to Alpha. This new press release concerns in particular the two green bubbles “Writing” and “Audio,” because in those departments your help is needed!



The time has finally come to open auditions for Legends of Equestria’s elite team of talented and charismatic writers! A lucky few will be hand-selected to join the ranks of what may just be the single most important group of literary geniuses the world has ever known! If you have the skill, determination, and small bit of luck that you need to make it past the auditions, you can hailed as having been one of those lucky few. Be prepared to have statues erected in your honor, and people you are romantically interested in begin stalking you on a casual basis! This is The Legends of Equestria Writing Auditions!

So, if you’re ready for these potential benefits and many more, just send an email to with your submission, and await the verdict. Here are the rules and guidelines I expect everyone to follow:

  • Submissions will be graded on every aspect of the writing. Literary style is, of course, the most important element, but submissions absolutely may not disregard cohesion or grammatical construct if the authors expect to have any chance of being accepted onto the team.
  • I will not accept anything pornographic or centered around gore. Legends of Equestria is appropriate for all ages, and if you’re unable to think of an idea that doesn’t include these things, you certainly shouldn’t be writing it.
  • Excluding the concepts mentioned in rule 2, any and all subject matters are accepted. It does not have to involve ponies, nor does it have to be entirely appropriate for children. I won’t show your stories to anyone outside the team, and I won’t judge based on whether or not I agree with the themes or opinions presented in the stories. If someone were to write me a fantastic essay on all the different reasons Bloomberg is a blathering idiot, I would accept it without hesitation.
  • Stories, poems, essays, and scripts are all perfectly acceptable. Anything else is not considered sufficient to give me an accurate idea of your writing prowess, and will not be accepted.
  • The work you submit does not have to be new, but it does have to be yours. If you have a hard drive full of old stories you’ve written, and you think one or two of them would make the cut, you’re welcome to submit them to me, so long as you did not collaborate with anyone else on the work in question. I do encourage my writers to collaborate, as everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, but I also need to make sure that the people I accept are actually talented writers, and not just people with talented friends.
  • Submissions for the first round may be in any format, so long as they are actually attainable. If I receive any corrupted files or documents that I don’t have permission to view, I will discard the submission.
  • I will only accept submissions through the email address I have provided in this message. Any attempts to contact me via other means are perfectly acceptable, so long as they are made independently of these auditions. Until the auditions have ended, anyone attempting to promote their works to me through other channels will be ignored.
  • Submissions will be accepted until Saturday, July 28, at which time I will close the auditions, and I will announce the finalists soon afterward. If you are chosen, you will be expected to write a story with more specific criteria, which I will give you at the appropriate time.

I look forward to having my inbox flooded with applicants, and I wish you all the best of luck. I encourage everyone to have fun, try their hardest, and remember to proofread their entries.

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