LezGetReal.com – Gender and the Popularity of MLP:FiM

Pinkie’s Plate
by ~sevoohypred

LezGetRealm.com does a little exploring about the reason behind the fact that MLP:FiM has become popular among males, mainly based off a comment from their July post about the SDCC Teaser we all got to see (found here). To quote the comment:

“23 years old and I’ve been on Team MLP since the 80s – even based my college senior thesis project on them – still trying to understand where the brony fascination came from, but the more the merrier!!”

The article itself explores what I’d call the typical route of explaining as to why there is a massive group of 14 to 25 year old male and female followers behind the show. Much like Lauren Faust said earlier on when the community was just starting, the show was designed not just for children, but also their parents. Its just an added bonus that a large group of young adults also started to follow the show and she didn’t see anything wrong with this. Its also the fact the show is not drenched in your typical ‘girl’ fashion when it comes to television cartoons. I’ve always felt another point is the fact that for years and pretty much worldwide, My Little Pony has always been a ‘girls’ show and probably stated the most when you asked someone “think of a really girly show”.

They also speak of course about the deconstruction of the gender barrier which is somewhat true with the younger generations. Over the past decade that walls has slowly been chiseled on, revamping the idea that boys should play with guns, dinosaurs and GI Joe and girls should play with ponies and have tea parties. This is also one of the ideas behing FiM when Lauren Faust set out to make a show. She has said that during her childhood when she was playing with ponies, she wanted to have epic adventures and not tea parties, and has worked with her career to help tear down that mental wall with people and cartoons.

Either way, here is LezGetReal’s spin on the whole ordeal.


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