And my jealousy just went into ultra hyper-drive mode. I ALMOST GOT TO GO, but I decided to go meet up with friends in the opposite direction this year at Otakon. I also missed purchasing tickets by a full month, oh well.

EVERYONE IS THERE. Only 5000 have been made and will be made, this is SUPER LIMITED EDITION. Look out for Derpy!

Edit: Hey here’s something neat! I noticed the QR Code on the bottom and scanned it. It takes you to the Behind The Scenes Video that went up to youtube 2 weeks ago!

The capslock represents my jealousy!
[Official MLP Facebook]
Thanks Twh, for being on the ball and sending us an email to let us know.

  • frith

    Oh WOW! Awesomesauce! And Twilight Sparkle is totally the cutest pony there. So many of the favorites are there. Some I can't place, like the trio gawking at the cockatrice. I think the one on the right is turning to stone. Bonbon, Lyra, Dr. Whoof… who's in the hot-air balloon? Is it Twilight and Spike?

  • frith

    Dollars to donuts it's two press ponies in Twilight Sparkle's balloon.

  • DerpySquad

    Now I might be crazy, but this was totally made for us, with the fact that its being sold at the San Diego Con. I mean for Celestia's sakes, even Sir Lintsalot is there in the front next to rarity.

  • Plaster

    Haha! I AM GETTING THIS POSTER! I asked a friend who said he was going, and he'll be there on the preview night. Turns out he works for Sega, so I might have to do a shameless plug for this in exchange

  • frith

    One of the ponies if Cherry (Cherries Jubilee) in a cap and aviator glasses according to the artist who put the poster together. No word on who the white pony is, apart from it being a pony.

    I hear that this poster was not available last night but will be available tonight at the Hasbro Toy booth only (Hasbro two booths). (Source: comments in EqD thread.)