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Derpy's On AIR by ~Dark-Alexander

I’m sure this is just as relevant as this, but on the way home from work today, I just happen to catch one of those stupid radio contest quizzes where if the caller answers correctly, they win some cheap tickets or a gift card to The Cheesecake Factory.
However, the spin on this one was “Little Sexy Stripper or My Little Pony name?” (The DJ calls out a bunch of names and the caller guesses if it’s a stripper or MLP name.)

It basically went down like this:

“Okay Dave, are you 21?”


“Okay Dave, I’m gonna call out some names and you have to tell me if it’s a sexy stripper or My Little Pony name! Okay?
The first one is: Cheerilee.”

“Mmm, that’s a pony.”

“That’s right! The next one is: Fluttershy.”

“Uhh, that’s also a pony.”

“Right again, Dave! Next we’ve got: Pinkie Pie.”

“Yeeah, that’s a pony too.”

“Woooow, right again. Okay, the last name is: Triple Treat.”

“Hmm, that’s gotta be a pony.”

“Oh wow, Dave, you got all of them right, they were all ponies. So Dave, how were you able to tell they were all ponies?”

“Well, uhh, strippers have names like ‘Angel’ and ‘Candy.'”

and here i thought for a moment he knew more ponies than me
(This was heard on VooDoo 104.1 in New Orleans. No recording available obviously.)

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