Well it seems our little community has been in the news most recently (community = FiM fans, not DerpyHooves.com), as Seth over at EqD was part of an interview on an NPR Radio Show, by the name of Bluff, The Listener. You can find the news article from EqD and links to the show itself right here.  And of course we get painted as unemployed basement dwellers with no lives.  To note, Seth did a very good job of presenting the community in a not so insane light (and again makes me glad this site didn’t become as popular as EqD, I wouldn’t be interviewed for all the tea in china, yes ALL the tea).

Sadly my internet is being cranky and I didn’t get to listen to the interview, just read the transcript off the Bluff page, and it seems to be only part of the show.  But from what I saw, said it was unemployed men 18 to 20 and that Seth runs the blog from his mother’s basement.  Like Seth says in the post, do not freak out, this is how these shows get ratings.  Sadly there is no “news” anymore, just news related shows trying to kill each other over ratings and money.  The good old days of when a news reporter would sit down, and tell you everything that happen is now long gone.  Do we go with the kittens being saved from a storm drain story, or the toddle who’s face got ripped off by rabid dogs?  You know which one they are going to pick.  But there is no point in huffing up over what the media tells everyone.  And of course they do this without researching most of the facts.

So you ignore them, and tolerate them.  We all know what this community is about, and who we are.  Like any group, yes I’m sure there are unemployed bronies who may live with their parents, and may possibly live in the sub-ground section of the house.  But hey, the economy sucks here in the States.  I’m sure over 51% of the community are late high school and college bound bronies.  We have a ton of talent floating around with all the games, artwork, plushes, pins, nicknacks, videos, music.  So who cares what NPR of all things would think, they get filed right next to Fox News in my “bat shit crazy” file cabinet.

Do I live in my parents basement?  God no.  Am I employed?  Yes, 8 years with the same company as a truck driver.  I think we’ll be going with Plaster’s idea for a site slogan – The Working Man’s Pony Site.  Its more the fact that Plaster & I are blue collar workers, and that is why the site isn’t updated constantly.

And that’s my two bits.  And for the record, these kinds of things is what I mean by “long winded”.  Coming up next, Arts & Crafts Wrap Up.

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    "After a hard day of fusing steel with electrical arcs, i like to cool down with an ice cold Bud and some DerpyHooves.com – the working man's pony site." .. yes I am an iron worker and I fk'n love ponies.