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So AcousticBrony and MandoPony did a song about Rainbow Dash’s Loyalty, and wow, just…wow. This song is amazing. Really, really amazing. The fandom blows me away sometimes. I hope they do one of these for each of the Mane 6. Song after the break.

  • Great job you two. Nice work. Let me know if you will every need some additional parts in your rhythm section. I know a certain pony that can help you out with that.

  • Daymare

    Um, you know I’m not them right? I just write about the music, I don’t make it. You’d probably have better luck messaging them on youtube.

  • KittyVantity

    No lyrics?

    • Daymare

      Lyrics should be in the song description on youtube

  • Anonymous

    Great job ponies it’ll be a wonderful ringtone, if I can DL it I mean :|, how do I DL this directly to ma phone, hmmm…

  • Braden Pelletier

    Whats this a parody of.. I know this is a parody but I forgot the name of the song