srsly u guiz. u guiz srsly. There’s a line and clearly we’ve passed it.

How do you like your news? Good, I’ll get the funnel.

Thanks Bronies facebook for this

  • Anonymous


  • commander jesus

    I am not understand

  • Monix

    The sad thing is, it'll probably get enough signatures.

  • Lethallin

    … what?

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    This is crossing the line? You must be severely underestimating where many would place the line because I just find this to be a silly joke. Not really even that provocative considering the petition probably won't last the night.

  • DerpySquad

    ^ I'm with this guy, no one is going to pay attention to this, and if you get looking at other petitions in this system, there is shit like "Petition to release files on Area 51 and aliens" and shit. Even if they got 5,000 signatures, its still going into the incinerator at the capital.

  • Anonymous

    >Tyrant Celestia/New Lunar Republic fanon bullshit

  • Grey Nightmare

    That is gold, XD

  • Anonymous

    Knowing that something like this will happen, I'm afraid it's over. Goodbye everyone. It was fun while it lasted.

  • Anonymous

    You know…this is the kind of stuff that makes us look worse than we already are. I mean seriously. Wat.

  • Venbrou

    Apparently the White House has it's own mods, because:
    "The petition you are trying to access has been removed from the site under our Moderation Policy because it is in violation of our Sign a petition"