Last we heard of the wedding ponies, various random bits of the line were popping up in completely random parts of the world; wedding mane six in Canadaland, Australia, Canada and NZ for Cadence, and glimmer wings in the US… but no word about the new brushables. Well guys, it looks like the ponies everyone was really excited about are making their way into the system as well!

The store they were found in is a place called “Kiddy Palace” in Singapore. This seems to be the first sighting so far, but now that they’re out in one place we can probably assume they’ll be slowly arriving elsewere soon enough!


These three were found by user goldenclopper on the Arena. Original thread here, includes close up shots of each pony and backcard pics!

  • 8ftmetalhead / NZbrony

    shall keep an eye out here….