We’ve talked about this multiple times now, and in the recent week the 3rd DVD is now available for pre-order. Madman Entertainment of the Land Down Under was contracted by Hasbro to produce the Region 4 MLP DVDs. Remember Region 4 isn’t Europe, US, Canada, etc and involves such regions of the world such as Australia, New Zealand and such. But with modern technology (still haven’t looked into it) I would assume you can with your computer be able to download the right drivers and play this set.

The boxset seen above is available in pieces, you purchase Volume 1 and for an extra price you get the collector’s box. Then you purchase Volume 2 and 3 which also go in the box. It seems the entire season will be about 5 DVDs according to their website, each DVD containing 5 episodes. Also I’d like to note for you guys who wanted to purchase it via iTunes down there, their website also has a “coming soon” Digital Formats with iTunes listed. I’m going to also note the Volume 1 page claims to have an exclusive gift inside of it, no clue what it is though It seems after I posted this, I’m guessing the free gift is what is posted below.

So I would guess that free gift are these cards.


  • SpaceBrony

    Just a heads up about region encoding: it’s actually fixed in the hardware for dvd players and computers. Yes, you can still change it on computers, but only a (very) limited number of times. The only way around it is to buy a region 4 or region free dvd player or make a region free copy of the dvd (which I should add is firmly in the gray area of legal backups/unauthorized duplication).

    That said, hopefully if the dvds do well other regions will see releases, too.

  • 8ftmetalhead / NZbrony

    dvd decrypter should quite happily remove zoning, plus you can get region free dvd players.
    I believe creating a backup of something you own so the the original remains undamaged is legal so long as you remain the owner of both, at least here, and still don’t quote me on that.
    A number of players will allow you to flash their firmware too, which means you can infinitely change your region. I’ve had to do this with a couple of discs to play them on my computer, despite it supposedly being region 4 it wasn’t happy till I did it and pulled it to the computer and played it from there.

    Also you might be able to order stuff from MightyApe or madman directly. MA have both an NZ and aussie site, so take your pick (provided either of them ship overseas, I know a number of items they can’t)