Mane6: Fighting is Magic Livestream 2 (Videos)

The Mane 6 development team held a Livestream last Tuesday to show off their work on Fighting is Magic. For those who wanted to see but missed it, YouTube videos are now available. There isn’t much more to report than what we did during their Bronycon panel, the one thing I did take note was the fact it will be able to run online multiplayer. This will definitely double the fun with the game, tournaments will run wild in the street. Youtube embeds behind the page break.

[Recap of Fighting is Magic Bronycon Panel Notes]

  • 3 Button Fighter.
  • Light / Medium / Heavy attacks.
  • Universal Launcher for air combo (uppercut).
  • Combo Systems.
  • Super Meter System (3 levels, filled during all 3 matches).
  • Magic System – Characters have special abilities.
  • Counter Attacks.
  • Grab + Throw abilities (W.I.P.)
  • Applejack – lasso move. 3x Stomp attack.
  • Twilight – Uses book for magical attacks
  • Level 3 Attacks (Twilight does her super saiyan move)
  • Rarity & Pinkie under construction.
  • Rarity is a ‘long range’ style character.
  • Pinkie combo master. (Also headbutting master).
  • Rarity’s magic system is going to to involve enchanting gems.
  • Pinkie’s magic system is going to be a surprise, quite literally.
  • At least 1 grappler in the roaster.
  • The release will feature the Mane 6, with DLCs for additional characters.

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