By @Nappy_Rat

By @Nappy_Rat

Well, you all asked for it.  Mane6 recently put out a statement on their receiving the Z Engine (used in Skullgirls) and their future plans, as well as introducing their new and reintroducing their older team members.

First on the list is their “shopping list”:

[…]GGPO license [GGPO is a middleware allowing for minimized lag during online play, it’s not part of the Z Engine directly], for starters… Software, hardware, website hosting and maintenance, technical expertise from people we can’t ask to “volunteer” time for free, a gorillion other things if we ever wanted to port to consoles (not in the current plans, but technically doable with the Z-Engine)… Plus as before mentioned, the fact that apparently, game developers need to eat and have a roof over their heads (and somewhere to plug the computers into) to live and continue developing.

They discuss Kickstarter/Indiegogo fundraising, but also mention some of the challenges involved with that.

Next up are their lead team members:

Omari Smith (Nappy) – Lead Technical Designer
Jay Wright (MonkeyJay) – “Developer in charge of Awesome (and some snark) [Read – a little bit of everything]”
Lucas Ellinghaus (Leedin) – Character Developer/Animator
Francisco Copado (Anukan) – Interface Designer
Lauren Faust – Character Designer

Then in the Programming Department are Kenneth Leung (Pineapple) and Chris Robinson (Beta Cartotene); in the music/SFX department are Music Direct Stuart Ferguson (RC88), Music Composer Whitetail, and Ken Mcgill, Sound Designer.  Oreo, Klisk Midori and Cam McFarlane are Lead QAs.

Finally, they discuss hiring new people.  Currently they’re not doing it, but they will announce any new openings on their site and Twitter.


  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised they still plan to release the game for free. I know the original project was going to be free but I assumed that was the case because they were using MLP characters.

    Sounds like they plan on starting a funding campaign. Hopefully not too soon though, it might seem like they’re asking for too much after the Skullgirls campaign.