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Hello everybody.

Small bit of news:

We’re still in game pre-production. Progress is being done. Lauren is still freakin’ awesome.


Some of you guys have been mailing or tweeting us in relation to Mike Z and the Labzero team’s offer to let us use the Skullgirls engine. For those of you not yet in the know, Mike Z mentioned in a previous stream of theirs a few days ago that he’d let us use Labzero’s engine for our game if their indiegogo campaign reached a certain amount. [Author’s Note: This fundraiser was for the purposes of funding development of a new Skullgirls character, Squiggly, at $175K; as of writing, the fundraiser has already reached $400K, enough to fund another new character, Big Band.]

We’ve talked directly to them, and we can now confirm that yes, it is a serious offer, and one we in the devteam are excited about.

Putting things short, it goes like this.

If the Skullgirls indiegogo campaign reaches 725k USD, we (that’s our devteam) are given a license to use their engine in our game for free, and to distribute the end product (The game, made in the Skullgirls engine).

That is, needless to say, a very exciting option now open to us. You can donate at this link to increase our chances! Not to mention support Labzero who more than certainly deserve all the support they can get and more to make Skullgirls bigger, better and awesomer than the great amount it already is.

If they don’t reach the 725k USD, we wouldn’t be getting the license for free, but you would still be supporting them and their game. Which you should. They’re awesome.

So there you go!

As a small note: The Indiegogo campaign is made primarily to support the expansion of Skullgirls, and is entirely organized by the Labzero team. We don’t have a hand in the pot, nor are we receiving any money from it. Our only claim in this would be the aforementioned license if they reach 725k.

A couple caveats. $725,000 is a lot. While the campaign has already reached the $400,000 mark, there still remains another $325,000 or so to raise before Mane6 gets the free engine license. It almost reeks of Mike trying to play the pony fandom to eke out a few thousand more dollars (Stretch goals yet to be reached include the Salty Parasoul voice pack at $450K, yet another new character at $600K, and that character’s story mode and stage at $625K). That said, discounting the $625K to be used for the new characters, the de facto license fee comes out to $100K. Actually fairly reasonable, as far as things like that go. Either way, if you feel like donating, either for the characters themselves (although whatever DLC to come out from this campaign will be free for at least a few months after release), or to get Mane6 an engine that isn’t completely ancient by programming standards, the link for the fundraising campaign can be found above.

  • ManeFlame

    Seems rather pointless, if Skullgirls is already a fighting game of it’s own…

    • Anonymous

      It’s all about the engine that the game runs on. Like Battlefield 3 running on Frostbite and all of Valve’s games running on Source.

      I can imagine the Skullgirls engine being infinitely more flexible and open for developers to work with than the plain jane Fighter maker engine or whatever it is that they use now.

      • ManeFlame

        Eh, I was more thinking of “If I wanted to play as Skullgirls, I’d just play that.” Then again I’m still just pretty miffed that it’s not going to be MLP anymore to begin with. All the wait I had going for the game shattered in one fateful day.

        • Anonymous

          Just because it could use the Skullgirls engine doesn’t mean that the style, controls and feel will be Skullgirls. That can all be modified in the engine code.

          Also, a little birdie told me that some anonymous folk are still working on Fighting by using the old EVO leak build as a base for their work. Once Mane6 releases all of the art assets that Fighting had (which they said that they would do in the future), Fighting is Magic will live again.

          • ManeFlame

            When it uses the FiM stuff in it, then I’ll care again. As it stands though, couldn’t care less for Skullgirls, or even whatever it is Lauren’s helping them do with it.

            Unless it’s Galaxy Girls. If it’s that, then I -will- give it a shot only cause I’m curious as to what that thing’s even about.

          • Anonymous

            That I agree, though. I’m not a fighting game fan, so the only thing keeping my attention with Fighting was that it had ponies in it.

            I’ll keep an eye out for whatever it is that Faust and Mane6 is working on, but if it’s not ponies at all, then my interest is gone.

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