This has started to float around ponibooru and some other places, in short a fantasy style map of our pony world. Yes, its got a lot of fanon in it, but of course we only know a small portion of the official world. Created by nsko from Where the World Ends. Apparently this is one of three that is coming out, so in the end we’ll end up with a giant pony world map apparently. Enjoy.

[Updated July 24th, with version 2.5!]
  • Anonymous

    Only the left side of the map appears when I click on it (Mac OSX, Safari browser).

  • Anonymous

    I think Mnehattan and Fillydelphia should be switched, since in "swarm of the century" they roll the ball of parasprites THROUGH the everfree forest, and then Fillydelphia ends up being infested with them, it suggests that a mostly straight line was the travel path to it, but this map suggests it would end up in manehattan.

  • Plaster

    the first anon, sorry about that. it's a common problem with the site, please try opening the picture up in a new window/tab