Random person said they wished there was a clean front page for MLP:FiM, and well, no, I’m not going to be one of them.  This is called freedom of speech, and yes, I would consider this site 18+, though there is hardly anything that would call for that.  Two fun comics.

And I see someone else was thinking the same thing during this episode.
Also a brony from the RD Network named RainbowDashIsMyCoPilot sent me in a description of a fictional real world drug, call it a mini-fanfic about the bronies, but it would make a somewhat interesting story.  As said I’ll post just about anything that isn’t horrid, but I held off on this one, just because I didn’t really know how to post it alone.  Well now that we have a post on the topic of substance abuse (which we do not support but Uncle DerpySquad says RESEARCH and EDUCATE YOURSELF before attempting anything, mmm’kay, and stay away from the hardcore crap, it leads to nothing good).

Ponifedimine- an experimental new drug that causes the user to see everyone as ponies and sometimes walk on all fours and crave daisy sandwiches. Goes by the street names Pon-3 or Sparkle this drug is a new and possibly dangerous fad that is spreading among bronies. Although it is still undergoing animal testing kitchen labs have started appearing in bronie\'s houses. The drug was first introduced to the brony community by a certain individual who goes by edgeofeverfree on rainbow dash network after they stole samples from the pharmaceutical company that was testing the drug. Interestingly enough when the drug was given to ponies it made them think they were dragons, when given to dragons it made them think they were griffons, and when given to griffons it made them think they were cool. This medication was meant to be used as a decongestant.

Side note: The drug is in all of those muffins you just ate, except two for the control group. In half an hour let me know what you think and we\'ll see whether the control group should be crying over getting the control muffins.
  • Sheepdog

    But…my daisy sandwich said it was safe! O.0