McDonald’s ponies jumping the gun

It looks like McDonald’s started giving out their Happy Meal ponies today!  In most places, anyway.  I’ve heard reports here and there that some places aren’t starting until tomorrow, like planned, but it seems like the majority of McDonald’s are at least free to sell you just the toys.  It might be worth it to make a trip to McDonalds tonight just in case, especially if you’re looking for Rarity or Pinkie.  It’s probably unlikely that they’ll run out of toys in a day, but you never know!

Remember to be nice if they say they can’t sell them until tomorrow- getting worked up will just make the poor underpaid McDonald’s employee irritated and get you nowhere.

  • gcfBlushie :3

    These are will appear only in US’s Mcdonalds?
    What ’bout Russia, for example? :3

    • derpyilicous

      only in the US ::3

      • gcfBlushie :3

        Pf, buck dat tree :\ Ain’t fair

  • alt.derp.derp.derp

    Is Derpy derpy?

    • Its not Derpy, its one of the flower named ponies, I forget which one though.

      • Fadflamer

        Lilly Blossom, if she’s the same as the blind bag one.

        • Folly

          Yup! Pretty sure she also has a brushable. I thought the choice to put cheerilee in last year’s Mcd’s toys was a little odd, but I’m pretty sure Lilly isn’t even a background character… and if she is I’ve never seen her.
          She could probably be modded into Derpy pretty easily with a little milliput and paint.

  • Derpyilicous

    Her name is lily bloom :)

  • gcfBlushie :3

    Lily Blossom actually