For you guys looking to get your hands on some McDonalds Ponies down in New Zealand, check your local McDonalds as they have just been released. Obviously you can purchase a Happy Meal and get the toy, or you can purchase them alone with $2.50 NZD. Oddly enough there seems to be no Fluttershy or Cheerilee (or that one random character that was in the US package). This week seems to be Pinkie Pie, unknown what the following weeks will carry.

You can go visit the Happy Meal site for New Zealand, and someone can tell me if the animated Rainbow Dash running across the screen is suppose to be running or flying.

[Source: Mr. Strange]

  • Michael White

    You forgot that apparently Applejack is also not a toy.

    That “one random character” has a name. She is Lily Blossom, and she is the straw that broke my back in becoming an actual brony. About half a year ago I randomly saw her official Hasbro figure at a drug store, and she looked so hypnotizing that I knew that there was no denying being a brony once I bought that figure. Since she is what got me into being a brony, she is my second favorite pony, with Derpy being my obvious favorite. (rather sad that Lily Blossom’s happy meal toy, and the blind bag figure makes for the best modifications for Derpy)

    The picture of the official Hasbro figure

  • Lily Lee

    I JUST SAW THESE TODAY …. so far pinkie and twilight are available. I checked at 6 different maccas – i think the next two will be released over the next few weeks.

    WHY DO THEY NOT HAVE THE OTHER FOUR …. sob. i’m a huge fluttershy fan …… so i am actually a bit upset that i won’t be able to get one without spending copious amounts of money on ebay. it seems the same four are offered in australia too. ): ): noooooooo

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