It seems that a new wave of McDonalds ponies are coming this March. Estaimted date is the 9th of March but this has yet to be officially confirmed. It is also expected that they are going to sell out quickly (since they sold so well a year ago) so you may want to keep an eye out at your local McDs and act quickly if you want them.

Also as we found out last year, most places offer a promotional set, meaning you can purchased the whole group at once. These are available to collectors, as there are people who of course collect McD toys, and of course people who are collecting specific things like My Little Pony or Transformers (also available as the boys toy). We’ll find out more information probably next month as the date draws closer.

Unfortunately this is only setup for the US McDonalds, other countries typically get them a month or two later (we’ll keep our ears open and let you kn0w).

  • Soda Pony

    Do you know if is this for US only, or other countries too please?

    • plaster

      US Only, typically countries outside the USA get them a month or couple of months after.

      • Soda Pony

        Thank you! :D

  • XyroTR1

    I’m pretty excited. Time to buy a whole set! :D

  • Can’t wait! I still dislike the Pink Celestia though…

  • ManeFlame

    Still no cowboy hat. Still no sale.

  • Supertide

    By ‘new wave’ you mean completely new toys or re-release of the old ones?

    • plaster

      new toys! pictured is the set of old ones

      • Supertide

        I can’t wait to see how they look like.

  • Anonymous

    Very very veryvery very veryv

  • Show realistic plastic ponies?
    What is this?

    That’s not allowed!

  • All my money… just for a Cheerilee…

  • Matren

    I wish I could have got the last set, but the McDonald’s closest to me had some other crappy toys instead of the MLP ones and I never got around to checking the other ones.


    • koscum

      Time to get all that dust off of my old miniatures painting kit due to that whole “pink Celestia” issue. I do hope they’ll sell them down here as well (even though they’ll probably be 2-4 months late).

  • Luna’s Loyal Subject

    Oh God if I can finally get a good Luna toy I’ll be the happiest pony ever.

  • Peregrine

    Does anypony know if you’re allowed to walk into a restaurant and ask to buy all the toys at once or do you have to buy the Happy Meal?

    • Anonymous

      you can buy them individually for anywhere from 50 cents to $2.50