A major thank you to P. Chordash for sending this our way.

We have some awesome insider information about the newest wave of toys.

This is a Canada and USA promotion ONLY for now.

The promotion starts on Friday, March 9th.
The toys arrive boxed in pairs. The arrival order will be as follows:

Toys 1 & 2: Pinkie Pie and Rairty (By March 5th)
Toys 3 & 4: Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy (By March 5th)
Toys 5 & 6: Applejack and Lily Blossom (By March 10th)
Toys 7 & 8: Rainbow Dash and Cheerilee (By March 15th)

Toys are distributed in the order they are arrived in. Once the current supply of each model is depleted from stock, it is not likely to receive more of that model.

All the toys do come with a matching cutie mark comb that doubles as a clip charm.

Other relevant information:

You can go into McDonald’s and purchase a Happy Meal toy withouthaving to purchase a Happy Meal. The price of the toy on it’s own will be increased from the price of the toy had it been included with the Happy Meal.

Depending on the store and who is currently on the floor, you can ask kindly for them to go to the back stock and check to see if they have any other toys than the ones currently stocked up front.

It is possible to get the display case after the store is done with the promotion. It is not however always a sure thing even after they say they can hold it for you. Simply put, communication sometimes fails in a McDonald’s environment. Plus it can be hard to keep track of such things. Even I have troubles getting the display cases and I work there! (our informant, not me)

People should check back with their local McDonald’s every three to five days to ensure they do not miss any they are looking for. While shipments do arrive every five days, the rate at which any given store goes through the toys varies.

  • Moonbrony

    Damn! ANOTHER USA and Canada exclusive… I’ve only now been able to get an original release McDonalds Fluttershy :(

  • Orias

    Also right at the start McDonald’s are likely to have something called a “Customer Satisfaction Box” on hand which contains all of the toys. We only get one per store but it will be available from the start. Mine is reluctant to open it but with enough coaxing and if you come inside (not through DT) they should still.

  • Kiki

    Who the buck is Lily Blossom?

  • SaveDerpyEveryone


  • SaveDerpyEveryone

    Well… lily blosson ._. i guess thats her new name

    • Orias

      Lily blossom has been around for awhile. She kinda looks a bit like Derpy, but maybe it’s coincidence or maybe she’s her estranged sister. It’s weird because Lily blossom has had this custom art for awhile now, but yet she still hasn’t shown up.

      • gcfBlushie :3

        So why the buck they would launch her as a toy if she is not even canonized?

        • That’s Lily Blossom, not Derpy.

          • gcfBlushie :3

            That’s what I asked.
            Why they would launch her as toy if she’s just a background pony?

  • Anonymous

    Lily isn’t even a background character. She is just another pony from the G4 figures, and will probably NEVER be in the cartoon. At least she is an unique figure instead of being like the other non-cartoon ponies that look like they are bootlegs of the mane six.


  • Julian (AppleJackFan)

    So wait, I’m confused. When can I go to McDonald’s and tell them if I can buy a My Little Pony toy? March 1st, March 5th, or March 9th. I just wanna know I am total confused lol. Please respond, thanks.

  • Kelly Kratz

    Well I went to McDs today and I got 2 happy meals, one with rarity and one with pinkie pie, and it’s march 10th. I believe that they just started selling them yesterday. Of course, I am not sure how the toys from last year compare, but I do think they could have done better. I do not think rarity’s tail should be the same color as pinkie’s tail and adding a pink streak to rarity’s hair does not help. I also find it funny how they got the cutie marks correct on the key ring but some were incorrect on the ponies themselves (they like the number one apparently) Of course, I am being nit picky, but hey, now my fluttershy isn’t lonely ^.^

  • Anonymous

    I got the first four toys: Pinkie Pie and Rairty,Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy, on the release day of the promotion (March 9th).

    I returned at McDonalds yesterday (March 10th) and today (March 11th) to get the next two toys: Applejack and Lily Blossom. However, they said to me that they did not have them… Do these delays are normal? Are they going to receive the toys somewhere during the week? I mean, I don’t want to miss any toy of the promotion… According to the informations on this topic, they were supposed to be available by March 10th…

    Now they’re just giving away older random toys with the Happy Meal. I guess it’s because they still haven’t received the next Poneys? ( 5 and 6 – Applejack \ Lily Blossom)

    Thank you for answering…

    • Anonymous

      I finally got Applejack and Lily Blossom, but there have been a delay of 3 days..