The gears of change around this place are slowly moving, and yet again I ask you, the readers, to help out just a little.  This time, I’m looking for videos, videos of ponies.  The fanbase has been flooded with so many and I can’t say that I’ve probably watched half of them (due to time, etc).  So here is your chance, in the comment section post the links to your favorite pony videos, and I’ll take it from there.
  • Anonymous

    Gonna have to go with Excessive Fluttercussing.

  • Anonymous

    The Rainbow Knight

  • derpymaths

    300 ponies & over the top brony guy are my favorites. dont forget my little derpy and equestria girls, too!

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    Pinkie DVX

    The Whitest Ponies U' Know: Grapist

    Swagberg ft. Maros – Pony Swag

    Meet The Brony (TF2 Parody)

    brought to you by 21 shooting stars, =) for me the best of the 4 videos I posted is the grapist, It took me a week to stop laghing, now I just can't eat grapes without thinking of ponies.

  • nh4no3
  • frith

    Top three videos:

    1. EqAmRd's "FanFic" video of the anhilation and rebirth of Equestria.

    2: ZephyrStar's remake of Kane West's _Power_ with ponies (no one mare should have all that power).

    3: Reggie Watt's _Shit Fuck Stack_ rapped by Pinkie and Flutterguy. Unfortunately some twit has had a 'Register as an Adult' barrier slapped on this. I hate that.